Reducing the size of a ribbon while maintaining operation into music's power region required a new vibrating element design. One with efficient control of lower frequency resonances without the subjectively veiled effects of heavy, laminated constructions, or structurally weak “flat” architectures. Traditional pleated, flat, and laminated constructions have, apart from some refinement, gone virtually unchanged for years. While useful improvements have been achieved, the fundamental problems of lower frequency motional control still limit these constructions to higher frequency operation in practical sized units.


Dynaplane's patented* “twin layer, biased flute construction” is unique. A structure possessing a balance of mechanical properties simply not possible in traditional ribbon constructions. As well our design affords considerable latitude in manipulating these properties allowing optimization to a given size, bandwidth, and power handling capability.


A difference both heard and seen. Side-by-side comparison with traditional ribbon designs reveal improved standing wave, twist mode, and over-swing suppression resulting in a quieter background, a less "confused" presentation, and solid dynamics particularly in the region other small ribbons cannot go.