While the performance of large, free-swinging, ribbon audio transducers have certainly made their mark, there has always been a desire for more practical sized units capable of similar bandwidth and fidelity. Believing the true ribbon format had untapped potential, I went to work. 

Countless hard-fought battles shaped my understanding and in time (with concepts ranging from logical to the ridiculous), a genuine NEW DESIGN emerged. One effectively overcoming
the issues facing small, wide bandwidth, ribbon performance. 

"SIX" is the *first* practical sized free-swinging ribbon capable of reliable, high performance operation down to 500 Hz using simple second order crossover filters. Making this possible is SIX's *unique vibrating element design* possessing the motion control necessary for smaller ribbons to operate reliably to the edge of the power region.

SIX's over-sized and well-damped chamber handles the rear wave producing smooth, well-controlled response through the crossover region. Amateur and professional alike will appreciate the ease of integration with a wide range of woofer types and sizes. 


Rugged, well-damped, and ultra transparent. SIX's protective screen has no audible effect on performance while the faceted face plate smooths diffraction effects.

With response extending below 500 Hz, SIX can cover the range of a high quality tweeter and mid range without the difficulties of blending multiple drivers
in the ears' most critical range. Combined with the ability to easily mate with a wide range of woofer types and sizes, SIX makes it easy to build a high performance system around a simpler two-way format. 

Dipole Capable: Since the ribbon needs no special loading, it can also be used in dipole applications. Typical open baffle ribbon designs use long ribbon structures mounted to the side of low frequency panel or cone sections resulting in a limited side-to-side listening window. Our ribbons size allows for vertical alignment of drivers resulting in a wider and taller sweet spot.